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Product name : Speed-Variator with Motor
Item : 201341022298
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Detailed Product Description
1.High strength,stable performance
2.Large scope and high precision in speed regulation
3.Coaxial structure,compact design

 A. Key Specifications/Special Features:
1. Planet friction mechanical infinite speed variator consists of compressed driving device, a friction drive mechanism and a speed regulation control mechanism
2. Product model: MB02-MB75
3. Configuration modality:
4. Foot-mounted
5. Flange-mounted
6. Input power: 0.18 to 7.5kW
7. Output speed: 40 to 1000rpm (single stage)
8. Usableness torque: Not less than 118Nm
9. MB series variation is elegant profiled, simply and reasonably structured
10. Scope of speed regulation: 5
11. Take 4-pole motor as an example, output speed can change freely within the scope of  200 to 1000rpm
12. Shell of MBQ light-duty variable speed machine is made of high-intensity aluminum alloy, with aluminum-shelled motor
13. Featured by elegant profile and lightweight
14. Applicable for locations with special requirements on profile and can be combined with other types of reducer.

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