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Gearboxes for Oil and gas industry + ship building industry

Author : Internet Date : 2014-3-8 9:34:22

Gearboxes for following applications:

♦Anchoring, mooring, towing or combined winches


♦Jack-up systems

♦Fire fighting pumps

♦Mud pump

♦Top head drives

♦Drive gearboxes for ships with hydraulic propeller regulation

♦Precision gears with helical gearing up to 2,500 mm diameter – as per DIN 3961 up to an accuracy of IT4 (3)

Sets of gears for diesel engines:

♦Split wheels for crank shafts

♦Timing gears

High-speed gearboxes for:

♦Gas turbine drives

♦Turbo compressor drives

♦Pump drives

♦Motor / generator drives


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