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The Mechanical Data of Gearbox

Author : Date : 2014-5-27 9:27:22

The Mechanical Data of Gearbox

Gearbox type

The gearbox type suitable for the project can be chosen from our product range . There can be more than one type of gearbox suitable for the same job. The price, delivery time, ease of assembly, space available for the gearbox and operating conditions play an important role for the selection process. Project engineers should select the type of gearbox in the project phase.
At low power ranges, motor gears are preferred for economical and easy mounting reasons.

Power Nre (kW) transmitted by the gearbox

The power of the gearbox Nre, is calculated by multiplying the power required for the driven machine, Nd (kW), with the operation safety factor F.
Nre = F . Nd (kW)
Operation safety factor calculation is explained in a separate section and the factor can be taken from the table.

Gearbox input speed   n1 (rpm)
Gearbox output speed n2 (rpm)

Gearboxes are generally used for speed reduction. Higher speed of the motor is reduced to lower speed required for the driven machine. Gearbox input speed is higher than output speed: n1>n2
The shaft of the gearbox connected to the motor is input shaft and the shaft connected to the driven machine is output shaft.
If the gearbox is connected to the motor with a coupling, the input speed is equal to the motor speed.
If the gearbox is connected to the motor via a belt system, the input speed of the gearbox changes according to the ratio of the pulleys.

Reduction ratio i = n1 : n2

The ratio of the input speed to the output speed is the reduction ratio.

Gearbox mounting positions (Operation positions):

The operating positions of motor gears are labeled according to DIN 42950 .
The operating positions of foot mounted gearboxes with motor are B3 - B6 - B7 - B8 - V5 and V6. The operating positions of flange mounted gearboxes with motor are B5 - V1 and V3.

Gearboxes without motor are produced for specific operating positions. The operating positions are specified in dimension pages.
Special operating positions should be stated during the order.

Special requirements

The gearbox can be equipped with backstop, electromagnetic brake or electromagnetic coupling.
The diameters and lengths of input and output shafts of gearbox can be in different dimensions than given values on dimension pages. In some gearbox types there’s also the possibility to put double input shafts and double output shafts. All special requirements should be stated during order.

Mounting positions of shafts

The input and output shafts of gearboxes can be arranged in different positions. The mounting positions of the shafts are shown in dimension pages for each gearbox type.
For example, the input and output shafts of H model parallel shaft gearbox can be arranged in four different positions. These are respectively; with right input – left output, with left input – right output, with right input – right output, and with left input – left output.
The requested mounting positions for the shafts of gearbox without motor should be stated during order according to the descriptions on dimension pages. 

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