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Gearbox Becomes Hot

Author : Date : 2014-4-2 15:32:53


Problem: Gearbox Becomes Hot
Solution: The exterior temperature of the gearbox may become hot due to several reasons. Please refer to the following information, take the necessary steps to solve this issue. If the gearbox temperature is excessive, please consult the manufacturer.

1. Ambient temperature is above advised level - If the ambient temperature is too high, it may diminish the efficiency of the gearbox. Install a cooling fan or move the application to a more viable location.

2. Proper ventilation - Proper ventilation is necessary, not only for the gearbox but for all electrical/mechanical equipment to function properly. Ensure that there is adequate air flow in the area of the equipment to allow for system cooling.

3. Improper shaft alignment - The first step is to check the alignment of the input shaft of the motor to the gearbox. It is necessary that the input shaft of the motor be aligned with the gearbox to ensure the proper use of the gearbox.

4. Overload - Decrease the load of the gearbox and observe if the temperature lowers. If not, your application may require a larger gearbox model.

5. Lubrication – Poor lubrication for the bearings and gears. Consult with the manufacturer regarding warranty information.

6. Improperly mounted bearings - Reassembly may be required of the gearbox. Consult with the manufacturer regarding warranty information.

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