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Type of drive machine

Author : Date : 2014-5-27 9:10:33

Type of Motor for Industrial Gearbox

All types of electric motors, turbines, hydraulic motors, diesel and gasoline motors can be used as drive machine.
The electric motor for the motor gear can be supplied either by us or by the customer.

The power Nm (kW) and speed of the motor that will drive the gearbox nm (rpm)

The power of the motor to be connected to the gearbox should be selected as greater than the power Nd required for the driven machine. As in gearbox selection, the motor power is calculated by multiplying the required power for the driven machine by a certain safety factor. This safety factor and the safety factor for gearbox selection do not have to be the same. It is not economical to choose the motor power greater than necessary since operating costs might increase due to excessive use of electricity.

According to type of plant and daily working hours, the motor safety factor can be taken between 1.25 and 1.8.
At the time of order, the motor safety factor taken or the actual power required (Nd) for the driven machine should be stated.
The ideal motor speed to run the gearbox is 1500 and 1000 rpm. It is not recommended to use high speed motors with the gearbox. High speed increases the noise level of the gearbox as well as decreases the lifetime of the bearings and gears. If it is necessary to use a 3000 rpm motor, it is recommended to decrease the gearbox input speed to 1500 or 1000 rpm by placing a V-belt pulley between the motor and the gearbox.

Type of the coupling connecting the gearbox to the driven machine
Elastic couplings, rigid couplings, gear coupling and other special coupling types, chain mechanisms, spur gears and bevel gears can be used as connecting element.

External forces on the output shaft of the gearbox from coupling system or driven machine

Type (radial or axial), magnitude, position and direction of the forces should be stated.

External forces on the input shaft of the gearbox from coupling or motor
The type (radial or axial), magnitude, position and direction of the forces should be stated.

Type of driven machine
It is very important to know the type of driven machine in gearbox selection. There are four main groups:
1. Uniformly operating machines without shock loads
2. Machines with moderate shock loads
3. Machines with heavy shock loads and high moment of inertia
4. Machines with very heavy shock loads and very high moment of inertia.


The important factors are: average daily operation hours, number of stop-starts within an hour, operation time (as percentage) under load in an hour, whether the driven machine is loaded uniformly or variably  and the extent of shock loading (low, medium, high) if the machine is subject to shock loading.

It should be stated whether a flywheel will be put to decrease the effect of variable loads and shock loading. If a flywheel will be added, the mass momentum of the flywheel and other technical specifications should be considered.


The important factors are: if a forced cooling system is needed, whether there is tap water, well water or other source of water and the temperature of the water to be used.


The important factors are: lowest and highest average temperatures of the place where the gearbox will operate, whether the gearbox will work in a covered place or open air, whether there is excessive dust, moisture, water or a heat source to effect the gearbox at the operation place. 

Type of coupling connecting motor to gearbox
Elastic couplings, hydraulic couplings and other special coupling types and V-belt pulleys can be used as connecting elements. Using rigid couplings at gearbox input should be avoided.

Required power Nd (kW) to run the machine at full load or torque Td (N.m), the speed nd (rpm) of the machine
The required power Nd and the speed for the machine is calculated by the technical staff.  Similar machines can also be taken as reference. 

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