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Mining Gearbox

Author : In Date : 2014-3-7 21:56:08

A variety of gearboxes are used in the mining equipment in both above and underground operations. These products keep the machines running by efficient power transmission.

The mining industry includes mining, extracting, tunneling and quarrying of various materials and metals including coal, copper, iron ore or precious metals. The industrial processes also include mining, extraction of energy minerals, ferrous, base and precious metals, industrial minerals and gemstones. Various gearboxes are used in mining machines and equipment for high power transmission needs.

Compactly designed, varying ratio, high power performance and high torque capacity gearboxes are used in the mining industry. These gearboxes are constructed from premium quality materials depending on the mining equipment/machine it is being used for.

The gearboxes and other components used in the mining machines are cost effective solutions as they provide high efficiencies and lower operating costs. The maintenance cost of the speed reducers is also low.

Types of Gearboxes Used
Various gearboxes are used for different mining processes. Some of the popularly used gearboxes are :

Bevel Gearbox

♦Helical Gearbox

♦Right Angle Gearbox

♦Parallel Shaft Gearbox

Planetary Gearbox

Worm Gearbox


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